Octopus Energy referral codes

£50 Credit towards your Octopus Energy bill really is this easy

What is an Octopus Energy referral code?

An Octopus Energy referral code or link can be used by anyone who is not one of their customers to get £50 credit when they sign up with Octopus Energy. Once you are a customer you will be able to get your own referral code or link, that you can then share with your friends and family in order to give them £50 off but also earn an extra £50 credit every time you do so. So don’t just stand there! Sing up to Britain’s most awesome energy company today using the links on this page.

Why choose Octopus Energy?

Amazing customer service

Rated 9.6/10 on trustpilot

Octopus Energy Trustpilot score

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Low, low prices

Consistently the cheapest on top comparison sites.

Cheap energy provider

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100% Renewable energy

All electricity comes from renewable energy sources.

Green energy

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Which? Energy supplier

Which? Recommended supplier.

Which recommended provider

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Want to find out more about Octopus Energy? Read our Octopus Energy FAQ here.

Where can I get an Octopus Energy referral code?

You should be able to get a referral code or link from any current Octopus Energy member. If you do not have a friend who is with octopus energy you can use the links on this page to use ours. In this way you can get £50 credit straight away without having to wait for a friend to find their link. Click here for more info on where to find you link once you are singed up.

Octopus Energy Friend Referral

You might be wondering “Who can refer a friend to Octopus Energy?” The answer is simple! Any Octopus Energy customer. Once you sign up you will receive a link that you can share wth all your friends and you will be able to split £100 with them for signing up (£50 each). You will be able to get the link from your online dashboard once your account has been set up.

How do Octopus Energy referral links work?

How do Octopus Energy referral codes work?

Octopus Energy referral links or codes are very simple to use. As soon as you click one of the links the Octopus energy website tracks where you have come from. You should land on a page that looks something like the below.

Octopus Energy referral page

At the top of the page on the green banner the site informs you that you are entitled to the £50 off. At this point you are ready to go! Simply fill in your postcode and the subsequent details you are asked for and complete the sign up process.

Many think that they need to input a code into the website much like a voucher code, however this is not the case. Once you have reached the above page you can simply progress to the end of the sign up process and a few weeks later octopus will add £50 credit to you account. Very simple!

What are the benefits of an Octopus Energy referral code?

The main benefit is without a doubt £50 towards your gas and electricity bills. Once you sign up you will have the ability to earn more by inviting more friends also. You will also have access to a 5 star customer support team and a great website and app to manage your energy account from.

How can I get £50 off at Octopus energy?

Simply use a referral link! There are plenty of links to the Octopus Energy website from our site that as soon as you click them will have the £50 code already within them. Alternatively if you have a friend who is an Octopus Energy customer you can ask them for their referral link and click that as soon as you receive it.

Switching to Octopus energy is a great way to save money on your energy bills, if you have already done that and are looking for even more ways to save money on your gas and electric, why not check out our handy guide to awesome tools and tech that can help you save even more! More ways to save money on your energy bills.

Are you sure you dont want £50 credit?

If you want £50 Octopus Energy credit simply click below and sign up.

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