Octopus Energy price comparison

Octopus Energy is consistently cheaper than the big six energy suppliers. In fact they couldn’t be a Which? recommended energy supplier for 2019 if they weren’t consistently cheaper. In fact their tracker rate continuously tracks energy prices. Dubbed Britains fairest energy tariff, when fuel prices go down so will your bills. Sign up using the link below and receive £50 credit.

Octopus Energy

The price of your Octopus Energy bill depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • How much energy you use
  • Do you have solar panels
  • What tariff you choose
  • How many people you have in your household
  • Do you have an electric car you need to charge
  • How well insulated your house is

But when all the above is taken into account Octopus Energy is consistently cheaper than the big energy suppliers.

Will energy bills go up?

Again this depends on the tariff you have chosen but sometimes it can even go down, especially if you have a tracker tariff. If this is the tariff you have chosen, when Octopus Energy makes savings on the wholesale cost of purchasing energy, it passes those savings on to you.

Are you sure you dont want £50 credit?

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