Octopus Energy is a Which? recommended energy supplier

Octopus Energy is a Which? recommended energy supplier for 2019. The coveted badge which every energy company in the country strives for is only awarded to energy supplier who strive to offer great pricing, great customer service and deliver an all-round great quality experience. Sign up today using the link below for £50 credit towards your energy bill.

How many times has Octopus been a Which? Reccomended supplier?

Octopus Energy is an incredibly young company compared to its competition, yet it supplies over 2 million UK homes (5% of homes in Britain) and has consistently managed to retain its certification as a Which? reccomended supplier for a record 4th year in a row, something no other energy supplier has accomplished.

Which? tweet, congratulating Octopus Energy.

Requirements to become a Which? recommended provider

  • Have no fines or sanctions against them by a governing body such as Ofgem or the Advertising Standards Agency in the previous year.
  • Have a high customer rating, better than similar companies.
  • Have the consumer in mind, by following practices that are in the best interest of the consumer.
  • Ensure call and online waiting times are better than average.
  • Be economical compared to the rest of the market. Compared to other suppliers costs per unit must be in the cheapest part of the market.

Which? Review of Octopus Energy

Which? gave octopus energy the below scores (2019 scores):

  • 80% customer score
  • 5/5 stars for bill accuracy
  • 5/5 stars for bill clarity
  • 5/5 stars for phone customer service
  • 5/5 stars for online customer service
  • 5/5 stars for complaint handling
  • 5/5 stars helping customers understand and reduce energy use
  • 5/5 stars for value for money

Read the full review here.

History of Octopus Energy highlights.

  1. 2016 – Octopus Energy launches.
  2. 2017 – Octopus energy launches tracker tariff, its prices change daily to reflect the real cost of energy. Customers can see clearly what changes are affecting their bill.
  3. 2018 Feb – New tariff encourages customers to use energy when there is lower demand.
  4. 2018 August – Octopus Energy has 90,000 customers transferred to it from Iresa who went bust.
  5. 2018 September – Octopus energy acquires rival Affect Energy. It receives all customers from rival Gen4U who went bust. It also became M&S’s supplier partner; replacing SSE after 9 years.

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