How to switch to Octopus Energy

If you want £50 credit towards your gas and electricity bill sign up with octopus today using the link below. The quick five step process takes less than ten minutes from quote to completion. You can then be on your way to cheaper bills, better customer service and greener energy ust like that.

How to switch to Octopus Energy

Watch our video guide for step by step help on how to move your energy supply over to Octopus Energy. When you are ready click on the link to start the switching process and get £50 in credit.

How to switch to Octopus Energy Video

Step 1 – Get £50 in credit

Start by visiting and clicking our unique link to get £50 in credit.

Step 2 – Postcode

Enter your postcode to start generating a quote

Step 3 – Get a quote

Enter more information about the size of your house, how many people live there and how you use energy so that an accurate quote can be provided.

Step 4 – Choose a tariff

Choose the tariff that is right for you.

Step 5 – Enter a few personal details

Give octopus energy some details such as your name and address

Step 6 – Sign up and choose a switch date

Choose a switch date and let Octopus Energy do all the rest.

Are you sure you dont want £50 credit?

If you want £50 Octopus Energy credit simply click below and sign up.

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